Warehouse for rent in Noida & Greater Noida are in great demand. The requirement of warehouse space generally depends on the type of goods. As generally warehousing of cloths, electronics and various other costly light weighted goods can be done in Industrial Buildings also. while if your goods are heavy and of big sizes then you will required an Industrial shed On Rent In Noida. Storage space for rent in Noida is also available with us as many companies uses warehouse as storage space.

The rentals for Industrial Shed are higher side as The owner will get he rental for a single floor, while Industrial Building generally have 4 or more than 4 floors so owner will get rentals for 4 floors on the same land. Thus rentals for industrial buildings are cheaper than Industrial shed. 6 sigma realty offers warehouse spaces starting from 5000 sq ft onward in Noida & Greater Noida Region.

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